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Pastor Alfonso & Claudette Page

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Pastor Alfonso is a young and vibrant minister that seeks after the fulfilling of God's calling for his life. He loves the Lord with a pure heart which is expressed by displaying the power of the word of God and the administration of the Holy Ghost in power.

His ministry is characterized by people coming to Christ and being set free from demonic oppression. He operates strongly in the gift of knowledge that God uses in setting His people free.

He is a qualified attorney and occupies the spiritual and the secular equally well. Pastor Alfonso believes that the love of God needs to penetrate ever sphere of society .i.e. government, law, church ,economics, art, finance, family etcetera.

In 2012 he married his best friend , Claudette Page. Claudette holds a BA degree and has an extreme love for God and His people. They have a beautiful son named Pharez.
Together their desire is to raise up a generation of people that is committed to God who lovesHim with a pure heart and clean hands.